Financial Aid

IUKL offers several financial aid options to help you pay for your studies. Below for the common scholarship or financial aid that our students have applied for

Step 1:Open SSPN Account at any PTPTN Counter / Online at

Step 2:Open Saving Account at AmBank Islamic Berhad

Step 3:Buy PTPTN Pin Number at (BSN) RM5 through Online/Counter

Step 4:Online Application at

Approved after Closing Date





Submit Agreement by Students to STAM
(14 Days Validity)



STAM Submits Agreement t PTPTN

Reapply PTPTN

Other sources of funds such as EPF/Yayasan Negeri/Banks

MARA - Majlis Amanah Rakyat
IUKL Sport Scholarship
STAR Education Scholarship
Zakat IUKL
Tuition Fee Waiver


Scholarships are offered to students at Foundation, A-Levels, Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels